The Racecraft Project

As a Formula One fan who has followed the sport from the late 80’s, I thought the Racecraft project would be good way to anjoy a model making hobby and build a collection of historical F1 cars, while paying tribute to the drivers I’ve enjoyed watching race.

I only build cars driven by British drivers; Racecraft is a showcase of my developing modelling endeavours, a place where I can display my efforts and progression to fellow enthusiasts around the world, and hopefully sharing some expereinces along the way.

Each car is built and then presented to my best ability. I don’t take the hobby too seriously, althought I do enjoy the process to the final results, even if sometime they can take a bit of time to create.

The List  is used as a guide to the cars that can potentially joint the collection – if I can ever find models of them all and the time to create them!

Feel free to leave a comment or drop a like and a follow on my instagram – @racecraftmodels – where I post images and WIP details in the stories and posts.

Thanks for visiting!