Work gets in the way of life.

Wow. work sure gets in the way of the fun stuff.

I haven’t had a chance over the last 3 months to get on here and write a post, let alone get back to the modelling table and continue with my latest project.

I’m still trying to get some decent images taken of my complete MP4-25 too, i have tried a few time to come up with something different, but unfortunately, the images I have taken have been a bit poo, and so in the bin they go. For some reason, taking a decent image of a 1/24 scale car is a lot harder than a 1/20 scale model…or it might just be that the wheels don’t turn, so the angles aren’t as appealing in an image…not sure, but I will endeavor to get a page on the site asap.

My modelling has really taken a back seat of late, which is a shame. Weekends seem shorter, despite there being more daylight…but other jobs such as mowing the lawn, and fixing stuff while the weather is good take priority…modelling seems to be a winter hobby.

Nothing better than an evening sitting down to listen to the footy, and get into some handywork.

The other thing that gets in the way of course, is the real thing, and this seasons F1, and my good lady and myself are off to see out first ever Grand Prix this summer!

Excited much? Yes I am.

We decided back in January that we wanted to go and experience F1 in the flesh, so splashed out on some tickets for Club Corner (opposite the winners podium), and we are very much looking forward to the experience.
We have a pit walk to go to on the Thursday, Roaming passes for Friday and Saturday and then our seats for the big show at Club Corner on the Sunday afternoon. It’s going to be a special weekend, as we drink in the 50th Anniversary of arguably the most historical race on the calender.

I’m going to try and get a good selection of photos over the weekend, and we are also hopefully going to experience the Center North Exhibition and 50th Grand Prix Parade, although we won’t be taking part in the vintage dress Friday, simply due to not really having the money to spend on an outfit, and not having much time to find a good one.

I might get myself some goggles and a leather skull cap to try and blend in…

All in all, it’s going to be a most excellent weekend, and we are hoping that the weather stays bright for it.

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