What B Next?

With work very much getting in the way, it;s been difficult finding the time to get into a new project, but this weekend, I have decided to make a start on another addition to the collection.

I’ve been looking forward to creating this car for quite some time, and funnily enough, I’ve recently found several other examples by modellers. I swear that models are built with some sort of freaky subliminal messaging.

Anyway, I will be attempting a version of the infamous Benetton B192, in the livery of the one and only Martin Brundle, who raced along side the almighty Schumacher during the 1992 season.

This kit was bought for me a couple of years ago for a birthday present, and I have manged to add the Studio27 photo etch set and some F’artyface ( I know that’s not quite right) cigarette decals to make it look authentic.

I’m not too keen on painting the yellow, as I always seem to have trouble getting lighter colours to cover well over larger areas, but from the examples I have seen recently, it should make a killer model for the shelf and will certainly add some variety¬† to the collection so I’m looking forward to it!

Who would have thought Mr Blundle would ever have a a model replica built with his name on it!?

Lets get stuck in.

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