The 2014 British Grand Prix – Day 4

Sunday the 6th of July 2014 and I’m sitting at CLub corner ready to watch the British Grand Prix.


One of the things I thought I would never get round to doing, as I thought that I would never really be able to afford it, or there would always be something else that I would rather spend the money on.

But I’m glad I did.

People say that it’s a bit of a rip off, and that the money you spend on your ticket is ridiculous. Yes I used to be one of those who thought that very thing, but now that I have splashed out on some seats for the whole weekend, I can say with total confidence that attending the Grand Prix was one of the best things I have ever spent cold hard cash on. I loved it.

Watching the Grand Prix live was a real experience, a moment of sporting history that I will remember for a long time – and who knows, we may well have watched one of the races that decide the world champion for the 2014 season.

The race alone was worth a day ticket price, but it’s not just the race that you get to see. The whole show is awesome, from the support races, to the entertainment and after party – it is all managed and conducted in a seamless fashion, and made the enjoyment of the Grand Prix just that little bit extra special.

I enjoyed my first experience attempting to photograph F1, but for the race day, photo were once again put to one side as we enjoyed the action.

Just like in qualifying, we had timing apps, the radio, the BBC live commentary, and of course could watch the action we couldn’t see on the big screens, but the best bit for me was trying to figure out how close the cars were by watching them fizz past points on the circuit.

As Hamilton hunted down on Rosberg, or even as Chilton closed in on Kobyashi after starting from the pit lane, you could visibly see how much faster (or slower) cars were on the track. That was very exciting. combined with an epic crowd cheering on the Brits with real gusto.

As the race wore on, you could hear the lack of grip as tyres spun up out of the corners, and again you could see those 10ths being gained or lost, lap by lap. It was excellent.

After the final laps and the winners presentation, we walked down on to the track to try and get a glimpse of the drivers, pick up some tyre rubber off the circuit and to absorb the atmosphere on a wonderful summers afternoon.

F1 Tyre rubber, or marbles as you might hear folks refer, is weird stuff. Off the track, it was sticky like Blutack, and even 30 minutes after the race, was still a little warm and quite pliable. So we made a ball of it to take home. The next day, it’s as hard like a rubber ball. It also gets your hands very dirty and smells of cars…funnily enough.

The final chapter of this fantastic weekend was watching the drivers on stage at the after party. Good banter, plenty of laughs and enough applause for all the drivers who dared to venture out onto the stage with Tony Jardine.

I really don’t rate Eddie Jordan as a drummer tho.

Until next year Silverstone. We’ll be back!

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