Review – Neo for Iwata.

Time for my first review!

I’ve not been into modelling F1 cars that long, but in my short two years of devotion to our art, I have had a fairly rapid learning Curve, especially with the art of airbrushing.

I learn pretty quickly that using a spray to paint models resulted in much more realistic finish, and followed the familiar learning curve of brush to rattle can to cheap air brush to better airbrush.

I haven’t yet got to awesome-sauce airbrush, or even “I’ve spent a few quid on that puppy” airbrush, but that’s because; 1. I’m not that good with an airbrush, and 2. I have found that the following airbrush is pretty good at what I want it to do.

I have a cheapo compressor that I picked up as a set for about £80, and started to use a very old Aztek airbrush that I bought when I was a school back in the 90’s. It worked well for some time, but was awkward to use, and didn’t clean very well.

The supposed “£80” airbrush with my compressor, was brilliant for about a week, but after a while got clogged with paint, was difficult to adjust well enough and you couldn’t clean it effectively so made the whole process a real chore and not a lot of fun, especially when I was in the zone.

I then bumbled across the Iwata Neo one day and after reading the excellent reviews, decided to invest a poultry £45 in one.

iwata-02Here’s the low down: It’s a double action, gravity fed, 0.35mm needle brush that arrives with two interchangeable paint cups and has a static mix ( meaning you can adjust the air/paint mix ratio as you can on other brushes. The blurb says it can operate down to under 10psi, and will spray all types of media.

Now I’m no airbrush expert at all , and certainly won’t be painting pinstripes or logos anytime soon, but if you want a solid, dependable easy to clean, no frills air brush with a 5 year warranty for next to nothing…then this could be for you.

It’s smooth to use, feels and looks well made, and the lack of adjustment gives you confidence when you get busy. Paint flow (when you get the consistency right) is smooth and accurate – you do get a bit of blobbing at the end, due to the needle protector – but if you keep it clean and keep the pressure adjusted, then it causes no major problems.

I found the weight of the airbrush really helps, and the smooth action is great compared to the other two brushes I have used in the past, as they used to stick or catch, causing uneven paint flow.

It’s dead easy to clean too, thanks to the well polished finish, which make’s it very easy to maintain. Unscrew the cap from the end, and the only parts you can take out are the needle and trigger. It’s certainly no parts fest to get it back in one piece.

The only downer…you may need to put a bit of plumbers Teflon tape around the thread to the air chamber as it leaks a little, but apart from that, the Iwata Neo is as clean as a whistle.

I would recommend this airbrush to any modeller, but especially one of those who are starting their creative journey just like me.

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