McLaren MP4-25 – Lewis Hamilton

Mclaren MP4/25 – Built by Tom

Here’s a lovely example of the 1/24 Revel McLaren MP4/25 built by on of the websites readers, Tom.

It’s a particularly fine effort, especially when you consider that the car has been painted using a brush and paint thinner. No airbrush in sight!

I can remember painting my first few cars with just a brush and had real trouble getting that super smooth finish, so this is a great effort.

This particular car is the Mclaren driven by Lewis Hamilton from the 2010 dream team, obviously the give away is the number on the front, but also the luminous yellow markings in camera, situated on top of the airbox.

Hamilton had a fantastic dual with Button that year, scoring 3 winds and 9 podiums over the course of the season, with Lewis ending up in 4th place for his efforts, and just 16 points off the eventual world championship winner, Sebastian Vettel.

So cheers Tom, for your efforts and letting us add this car to the collection!

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