Have engine will build…

It’s been a fair few week since I last got to the modelling table, never mind managed to post an update on the blog -but finally, here is a quickie.

I have finally finished the drive train of the Benetton B192, and was busy priming all the other components before adding all the lovely colour…then work got in the way, so I unfortunately haven’t had a chance to build any more 🙁

In fact, tonight is the first time I about 6 weeks I think that I have manged to sit down and muster some typing skills to get a few photos on the website.

I was debating whether or not to add more detail to the engine – the photo etch set and a the addition of a few photo-etch nuts and washers adds a subtle extra to the suspension parts I think, but I’m not wanting to over-do all the potential extras, as I think it can start to look a bit scruffy.



I may add some HT leads and electrical lines to the finished car, but I’m going to wait until I can mount it on the chassis to test out the spacing thats available.

If your interested, I used a stirrer stick dipped in white paint to add the colour to the engine logos. It worked well enough, but isn’t uber clean, so I may give it second try to make the colour a little more solid. You have to be pretty delicate and the paint has to be very thin.

Hopefully, I won’t be too long be fore my next update! Until then!


  • Hello again…
    It’s a’ looking very nice from here…
    I would like to know how you managed to paint the
    “Ford” logo on the engine valve covers so crisp..!
    I think every night how to do mine…

    • Hey Manny,

      Thanks for the comments! It’s getting there…slowly!
      The logos on the engine were a little tricky – i tried three different methods of getting the delicate detail on to them – I shall write a post about how I did it so you can see!

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