Engineering. Not modelling.

Every now and again, I stumble across a piece of modelling that make me seethe with jealousy and envy.

The internet is good like that, as it shows you things that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience, slaps you round the face with them and than laughs at you.

Alright…the laughing pint was a bit far fetched, still very now and again, I stumble across these wünder-builds as I surf the net and can;t really believe what I am seeing. Then I get insanely jealous and hope that one day my ability grows to a similar standard of creativity.

Now, I know that there are some pretty special modellers out there – some of the craftsmen from the Far East build wonderful things, there are many Europeans that can hold their own in the “Amazeballs” category,  but this gem of creativity comes from across the pond. Sure it has not a lot to do with F1 or British Drivers, but a model of this calibre cannot be ignored without some deserved props.

Funny thing is that the dude who is doing the building obviously knows how good he is too, calling yourself “Scale-Master” in any other sense would be pure bravado, to try and get one up on your fellow modeller, but in this case, it’s not just a canny naming exercise. He REALLY is the Scale Master.

Personally, I wonder how much time a person has on their hands to be able to go into this much detail and depth for a car that you couldn’t even get a sandwich in. Turned Wheels, hand built engine from a multitude of materials, even down to the brazed sub frame and chassis, really does take the cake when you compare it to the average model build. It’s not modelling, but miniature engineering.

He probably could make an engine and drive the thing with a thumb it’s that good.

How do you learn that stuff? How do you practice those techniques to become that good? How? HOW?

See..insanely jealous. But I take my hats off to him and some insane modelling wizardry. ( Notice how I say hats. Yes this is worth about 5 or 6 doffs of the proverbial cap, at least. )

Check it out on Model Cars Mag Forum – Another Super 7





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