B192 Project Update!

I finally found some time to sit down at the desk and get into a bit more of the Martin Brundel’s B192!

Before I take it any further, I though a bit of an update was in order with the progress of the model to show you what’s going on and how I’m tackling it.

If you’ve built this one before, then you’ll no doubt be aware of the tricky bits. If you haven’t I hope this help you decide how to tackle your build, as there are a couple of tricky areas to get past before painting and decal, not just the surface preparation for smooth looking paint.

Obviously, as I have the photoetch set for this car, there are a few necessary modifications to make (rear wing, radiators etc), but I also found  that the default assembly, perhaps isn’t the best for the final appearance of the model car.

The first big issue with this model is the way in which the nose and front suspension and drivers seat assembly attaches to the car.

It’s a Tamiya kit, so you would expect the fit of the parts to be pretty much spot on – but as you can see from the pics, the top ‘access hatch’ which is supposed to be there on the real car, is a pretty poor fit, leaving uneven gaps around it when mounted on. The mold is a little uneven, but of course on taking material away to smooth out the shape, the gaps get even bigger.

top_cowl full_cowl_no_top


So, I have to be careful with this area. The second area that that I mentioned is how the front suspension and drivers seat assembly mounts into the model.

In the instructions, you are told to assemble this in a sequence which when complete would mean a large join appearing on the bottom of the cowling. This isn’t on the real car, so in the name of realism, I’ve figure out a way of assembling the cowl and then inserting the seat and suspension through the tiny hole to get a better finish. You can see the join on the image where it has been filled and sanded. You have to admit that this would look pretty scrappy if left, especially if you couldn’t get it to line up well.


Finally, and this is about where I am up to at the moment, the wishbones and suspension parts all have to be filled, thank to some lovely production recesses, and the main cowl has been fitted and also filled to create a single piece.  The fit of these parts was also pretty poor, with the sides of the cowl sticking out quite proudly. Filling is fiddly, as the thinner end of the part is easily separated if you are too heavy handed with the sanding (RED X), so I have had to re-glue and fill this area a couple of time on each side.

The real car actually does have a join here, but I am keeping this  inaccuracy for a better looking final model. Again, due to poor fitting parts, it wouldn’t look as good if the seam wasn’t filled and made smooth.

wishbones_filler wing_filler

So there you have it.  Not the easiest to start, But I do like the shape of this car, these little modification during the construction should hopefully enhance it even further when it’s finished.

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