The 2014 British Grand Prix – Day 1

So we were up at the crack of dawn and driving up to Silverstone today to take part in a real treat.

As three day ticket holders, we were cordially invited to join in the glamour and glitz of the Pit Walk at this years 50th British Grand Prix.

I was very excited this morning. We have never been to Silverstone (myself and the good lady), let alone a Grand Prix, this really was going to be a whole new experience for us.

So with camera in hand, and tickets safetly tucked in the supplies bag, we got ourselves up to the circuit pronto to join in the first session.

Silverstone is a very impressive place.

I didn’t realise how close to the circuit you can get, I also had no idea what the view would be like from the grandstands, especially the one we are sitting in, so the anticipation that built up during our drive up the motorway certainly didn’t end in disappointment.

Silverstone is an epic place.

As you arrive you can see the Silverstone Wing sticking up like some wild heart rate monitor from behind the International pit straight grandstand, and instantly we could see our seats.

Yeah we have forked our a fair few pounds for this experience, bagging seats back in January on Club Corner, but what we didn’t realise is how good those seats are. While we couldn’t access them today, you could see the view from the grandstand extends from Vale all the way round the the end of the pit straight, taking in the podium, pits and the start/finish line.

We cannot wait. This is going to be awesome.

But first: Pit Walk.

We arrived at the circuit at about 9:30 and as we walked into the complex, we joined the biggest queue, assuming that it was the correct one for the Pit Walk. We did well. After about 20 minutes of waiting, the queue had grown substanially and extended from Abbey, where we joined the line, all the way down to Club Corner. If you know Silverstone, you’ll know how far that is. We had read that arriving early paid off, so take heed of that advice if you ever get to go.

Many, many people – and this is only Thursday! It’s not even started yet!

Eventually, we were allowed to walk across the track and down the exit ramp into the pits. There wasn’t really any glamour or glitz like I mentioned before…more like a melee of cameras and photo opportunities, not helped by a brief appearance of Marussia pilots Max Chilton and Jules Bianchi.

The crowd went wild.

I jest of course…it was great to get a photo of Chilton before he ran off, as it was to get a selection of images of all the team garages, with cars being scrutinised and worked on before first practise tomorrow.

Some teams were being a little cagey with what you could see, and the amount of fans scrambling for photos and a good view made getting some decent shots pretty difficult, something from most teams can be seen.

Once pit walk had concluded, and we tried (in vain) to walk around the track and little, but we did spy Vettel walking the track lap with a few of his team mates as we ate a bit of lunch.

Tomorrow is Practise One and Two, and my main aim to is get some decent shots of the cars in action. We’ve also got the 50th Anniversary Heritage display and roaming passes, so a tour of the circuit is on the cards.

torro-rosso-car torro-rosso force-india carbon-fibre the-pits magnusson-cowling button-mechanic raikonnen-tyres alonso-cowling alonso-mechanic ferrari ferrari-tyres hamilton-cowling hamilton-mechanics vettel-mechanicsricciado-mechanics max-chilton-fans marussia-nose max-chilton-car massa-mechanics massa-nose tyre-wall vettel-track-walk

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