Time for another.

Well, It’s been a few weeks since I finished my last model (images and history piece coming soon) so I thought I would get busy on the next project!

Time is a wasting!

I’ve built a few of the older style F1’s over early half of the year, so I want to get a bit more modern and have a second go at the Revell McLaren MP4-25 from the 2010 season, when the dream team of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton were behind the wheel.

I will be Driving the No. 1 Car of JB, as he was World Champion that year, and I shall be taking my time over this model for better finish.

Better finish? Isn’t that in the past-tense ?

Yes it is. It was this model that got me back into modelling in 2011, and I have already built one of these cars, but back then, I didn’t have access to the ‘world’ of materials and techniques that I have now, so I am hoping that I will be able to build a much better looking model.

The first version was painted with a brush, the decals were added without the knowledge of Microsol and I hadn’t ever heard of clearcoat.

photoetch-1000px I’m a bit nervous about the photo etch, as the model is 1/24 scale so some of the photoetch parts are pretty tiny, but the effect they should add to the final build ( if I can handle them with my sausage fingers ) should make a pretty neat looking model.

I’m also looking forward to having my first go at the infamous Mclaren silver, as I have a bigger version of the MP4-27 to build at a later date.

I’ll hopefully get some progress online when there’s a bit more to talk about. Wish me luck!

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