The 2014 British Grand Prix – Day 3

It’s few weeks late, but hey, this is a hobby!

So to day Three of my first ever British Grand Prix and the rain was falling.

But as all motorsports fans know, when fast cars and rain are mixed together, it inevitably means action, as cars gt loose and corners get slippy.

As we had already done a heap of walking on the Friday, lapped the circuit and taken in the Heritage display, we decided that the best course of action for this wet start to the Saturday would be to find a convenient place to watch third practise and then take our seats for Qualifying.

The crowds had also grown substantially from the previous day, and so moving from one place to another was that little bit slower…finding a decent place to watch and get a good view for some photography, that little bit harder.

For today, shooting photos also took a back seat to absorbing the action. This is what we had paid to come and see so we took much more time in soaking up the action and atmosphere.

As we had seats at Club Corner, we decided that milling around that area of the circuit would be the best option, so we found a decent sized concrete block next to the track access point, hauled ourselves on top of it and enjoyed our first taste of live Grand Prix in the wet.

It was a good place to enjoy the action, as the cars powered out of Club corner, back ends flapping in the damp conditions, squealing tyres and opposite lock. It’s not until you get to see these things happening in front of your own eyes, only 15 meters away that you gain an real appreciation of how good these drivers are.

100mph power slide in the wet? No worries…and then hammer down the pit straight.

Practise Three images from Club Corner.

massa_pitstraight_practise3 ricciardo-club-practise3 practise_umbrellas grosjean_club_practise3 kvyat_pitstraight_practise3

After the final practise session, and with the rain subsiding, we decided to go on another explore and check out the F1 E-Zone, situated in and around the Brooklands/Luffield area of the track. Plenty of fans, merchandise outlets, games and of course the stage of musical delights!

We grabbed a bite, and found a decent spot to watch a bit of the Porsche Super Cup Action. If I am honest – this was probably the worst area for viewing over the weekend, with the cars coming into the complex with speed, but then having to negotiate the turns at a relatively slowly before boosting off up the old pit straight.

The rain returned for a little while, so we thought it wise to return to our seats at Club, just in time for qualifying, but not before having a sniff around the McLaren 5D simulator…good fun for 5 minutes, while Jenson Button took you around 2 laps of the Bahrain Circuit and even found time for a pit stop. If you ever have a go – just make sure you get strapped in tightly. It gets pretty wild!

And then Qualifying.

Qualifying on the TV is a funny affair. It’s never really that exciting until the chequered flag comes out and those final drivers are closing in on the finish line. But watching it live was very much the show piece especially where we were sat.

Watching the cars come off the bend and floor it for the line was awesome, and as you tried to make sense of the commentary, amidst the cheering of the crowd, clapping with your phone in hand, keeping an eye the time F1 timing app…it all gets bit hectic.

It’s also pretty cool to see and hear the emotion of the fans. When Both the Ferrari’s were knocked out at Q1 – the two Tifosi sat in front of us went very quiet, in total contrast to the rest of the stand who were buzzing. Qualifying is so much better when you see it happen in the flesh.

The second and third session were just as exciting, especially with the weather playing it’s part. At the end of Q3, nobody really knew what had happened and who had qualified where, and a mixture of confusion and wonder made it’s way around the stands, swiftly followed by a large round of applause for the excellent qualifying result of Jenson Button.

There was a real air of disappointment as Hamilton made his misjudgement, but to see at least one Brit qualify well up the grid at the home race was a real crowd pleaser.

One thing was certain…if qualifying was this good, I couldn’t wait for the race the following day!

Images from Qualifying at Club Corner.
vettel_qualifying_straight vettel_qualifying_pit alonso_qualifying_club hamilton_club_qualifying button_qualifying_club

Images not for use without prior permission.

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