Shhhhh. It’s time for some racing.

So the new F1 season is 2 races old. What do you think?

I’m pretty keen on the new look to the pinnacle of motorsport, despite quite a considerable amount of negativity that seems to be doing the rounds, as people moan and whinge about how they don’t have to wear ear defenders anymore and can actually talk to each other at races as the cars reach speeds in excess of 200mph around the tracks.

Personally, I think people fear change (like I mentioned previously) and that as the season goes on, the vast majority will slowly begin to accept these ‘quieter’ engines.

Besides, the sound is pretty good.

Some people have referred to them as lawn mowers or hair dryers. I say balls to that.

They sound like a modern ultra high performance race car, which is brimming with technology and engineering excellence. This isn’t Nascar, where buckets of bolts follow each other round a left turn 200 times.

F1 shouldn’t be about the noise. Noise is wasted energy, and with modern technology providing developments in power-trains and mechanics, enabling smaller, yet more brutal engines to be developed, these changes should be embraced and pushed to the fore in as many ways as possible.

Some fans can be very fickle and narrow minded some times.

The changes have also made the racing pretty tight as well, when you consider the field behind positions 1 and 2. So in a sense, they are so far keeping the excitement levels up, and I’m sure that as the season progresses, different teams will start to come to the fore and the results will chop and change about a bit more.

But the thing I like the most about this new season is how fresh it is – especially from a drivers point of view.

Watching cars shimmy out of corners and even suffer torque steer, a la Magnusson off the Melbourne line, is great to watch and is a real testament to their skill behind the wheel of these beastly machines.

Yes, the cars aren’t quite as quick on a lap from last year (being a second down), but GP2 they are not, and they will get faster as the drivers get to grips with the new technology and as the teams refine and tune them to the limit. These cars max out at over 200mph, and I’m sure that on some circuits such as Monza and Canada, we’ll witness some super high speed treats.

My only beef so far would be that the Red Bull domination mantle appears to have been passed directly to Mercedes, with no real challenge as yet. But it is early doors, and I think it’s only going to get better.

It is good to see the McLaren back on form after last years boob, and the return of Williams to a competitive pace was always going to be a welcome sight to all Grand Prix fans, but every team has their moments, and with these two big guns climbing back into the mixer, it;s only going to make the season more exciting, tyre squeal and all.

Here’s to the next race and begin able to enjoy it without wearing ear muffs on a summers day.

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