This is a scale F1 modelling blog, but not just any scale F1 modelling blog.

There are many keen F1 modellers out there, and if you are also a keen modeller of the scale F1 variety, you probably also browse the internet and take in all manner of subjects that are out there for us to create.

My F1 modelling history is pretty brief (about 3 years of experience and counting) but in that short time, I have found that I really enjoy the process and creativity that goes into building a scale replica of the cars that have inspired me by ripping round the race track.

There is one thing in my brief modelling experience that I have noticed; despite the wide variety of subjects available, the majority of modellers appear to follow the same subjects in what they are creating. Championship cars or cars driven by championship drivers are pretty common. Not that it’s a bad thing, as these subject of course depict the pinnacle of motorsport and some of the fastest drivers on the planet.

There are plenty of Ferrari’s, Mclaren’s, Lotus’ and Tyrrell’s all driven by the likes of Lauda, Villneuve, Fittipaldi, Hakkinen, Schumacher Senna and Prost built by modellers from all over the globe, so I thought I would set myself a bit of a challenge…

Seeing as I am British, and how I have followed the highs and lows of British GP drivers over the years, I have decided to build a collection of British Drivers Cars – regardless of success, in kind of a scale tribute to the history of British F1 Racing.


This of course is an on going project, and the speed at which the subject will be added to the list will ebb and flow.

It’s not an easy job either, trying to source models of some of the drivers cars, but so far I have added cars driven by Coulthard, Clark, Hill, Button, Herbert, Bailey and Mansell to my collection, and it grows steadily each year.

Any ways, I hope you like what you see in the gallery’s of this site, and enjoy the results of many an hour, fiddling and screaming at parts so small that are merely dust in amongst my sausage fingers.

Please do sign the guestbook and let me know what you think, that would be hugely appreciated. Thank once again for visiting.