About Racecraft

Racecraft is a showcase of my modelling endeavours, a place where I can show off my efforts to fellow modellers around the world and share a few of the trials and tribulations along the way.

I’m not a serious modeller, but I do try and improve my skills and technique as my collection grows. It’s quite a specific collection, but being a British Grand Prix fan, I thought it was a good way to pay homage to some of the racers I’ve supported and enjoyed watching over the years.

Without this website, my finished models would never really get seen. Hopefully you’ll take a look and enjoy what you see,together with a little relevant history about each model.

The List is there to catalogue all the drivers and thier respective cars. This isn’t complete yet, nor is it definitive, but it helps me choose subjects when they are available to purchase.

Feel free to catch up with me on my instagram – racecraftmodels – where I post images and WIP details in my stories.

Thanks for visting. Rich

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