The Racecraft Project

As a British Formula One fan who has followed the sport from the late 80’s, I thought the Racecraft project would be good tribute to the drivers I’ve enjoyed watching race over the years.

I only build Cars driven by British drivers; Racecraft is a showcase of my modelling endeavours, a place where I can display my efforts and progression to fellow enthusiasts around the world, sharing some expereinces along the way.

Each car is built and then presented to my best ability. I don’t take the hobby too seriously, althought I do enjoy the process to the final results.

The List  is used as a guide to the cars that can potentially joint the collection – if I can ever find models of them all and the time to create them!

Feel free to catch up with me on my instagram – racecraftmodels – where I post images and WIP details in my stories.

Thanks for visting. Rich