Painting Yellow is a pain.

It’s slow progress on the Benetton B192, but this weekend has seen a little bit more work done as the model slowly starts to look like a car, rather than a bunch of plastic parts just cut off a sprue.

I am trying to add some subtle detail to this car using the ST27 photo-etch detail which I am finding very fiddly and delicate – a lot of the detail parts are on the fringes of the car and are very easy to catch, misplace or knock off as the build progresses.

Extra care is required.

The other issue I am having is yellow. The yellow paint that is.

One of the my main aims for this model is to get the finish looking as smooth and shiney as possible, but the yellow is proving a real pain. It appears to be almost impossible to get an even and constant colour.

I have used white primer, to retain as much of the brightness in the yellow as possible, and I have been ever so careful to retain a smooth, blemish free surface for the main colour to go on…but hen when spraying the main colour, it is impossible to get an even finish.

Initially I thought it was because i had thinned the paint too much, so I remixed it, turn the pressure down, re-sanded the surface, re primed the surface, but i still get the same, uneven results.

It not even in areas of detail that the paint is not consistent. It’s over the large, smoother areas.

I have even experienced the yellow turning blue/green as I have used wet and dry between coats – it’s almost as if the pigments in the yellow are separating, and the smoothing brings this out.

Still, final yellow coats went on to the cock pit and nose sections today, so I will be adding varnish to those before decals next week.

It’s a real pain but a learning curve. That’s for sure.



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