My view on the 2014 F1 Season.

Hands up if you are feeling the buzz for the new Grand Prix Season?

Well you probably have your opinion on double points and smaller power plants, but I for one can’t wait for the racing to being in March.

Why? Because change is a wonderful thing.

I think that the new regulations will create a more exciting F1, with more racing and much more action on the track, as for one, I can’t stand it when one single driver always runs away with it.

Reading through the various websites about this years new regs, you can see a huge variety of opinion, not just from the regular Journo’s but from the fans too.

Many fans whinge about the smaller engines and how they won’t sound as good, Many fans moan about the ugliness of the cars and many others comment on how the racing won’t be as good as the cars aren’t as fast as last year.

But I disagree. Here’s why;

F1 is infinitely better when it’s unpredictable.

Cars ripping around a track at 200mph with no indication as to who is going to win creates a much more exciting atmosphere and personally, that’s what F1 is all about. The excitement.

I find it difficult to get exciting about Vettel winning his 11th race of the season by 40 seconds.

No doubt he has talent, heck all those drivers have talent, but when you are that far ahead you can’t honestly say it’s exciting, because it’s predictable.

When he breaks down or looses his lead for some reason, then it gets exciting.

In all sport, onlookers are far more responsive when they have something to cheer, be it a goal 2 minutes from time, that epic putt from 30 yards, or that final corner overtake around the outside.

And that’s what I think this years F1 will offer. The ‘playing field’ is, at least for meantime, on a par and no driver or team knows what to expect.

Nothing can be taken for granted, and the technology and information gathered so far is only as good as that last lap.

I love sitting on the edge of my seat watching F1, because that is the thrill.

I remember Nigel Mansell trying to get past Senna in Monaco, I remember Damon Hill almost winning in an Arrows and Jenson Button driving out of his skin in Canada 2011 ( I cheered so loud at the TV that night, I could speak much the next day!)

The last race of the 2012 season in Brazil, Vettel gets hit by Bruno Senna and suddenly the final race is a 60+ laps of nerves, as we don’t know if he has the car or the skills to survive the race and get home in the required position.

Of course there are many many other moments like these from over the years, but regardless of who you support, either way it is very exciting and F1 is at it’s best when it has those unpredictable elements involved.

I think that new noses, smaller wings, smaller engines and less fuel are all a good thing if the cars are still close by the 40th lap in Australia, then I’d say the rule makers have got it spot on this year.

I guess we will all have to wait to fin out, and that is exciting! Besides, those funny noses will certainly create some interesting models to build.

Double pints is a wacky idea though. WTF is wrong with Ecclescake?

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