MP4-25 catch up time!

A wild mixture of festivities, holiday, lack of enthusiasm and work has certainly taken it’s toll on my modelling time over the past few months, so unfortunately my blog has been rather neglected, while I mustered up some enthusiasm to get back into my modelling and this ongoing project on the finishing straight.

Fortunately, after a week away in Europe, the enthusiasm has returned, and I have found some time to not only get back to the workbench, but also post a much needed progress report about the Mclaren MP4-25!

If I am honest, I lost a heap of enthusiasm for the project before christmas. There were far to many other distractions going on, and finding the time to get into the model was fleeting. But with a few days off over the Christmas period and the usual crap on the TV, I returned to the tiny parts and fiddly photo etch and have rediscovered my enthusiasm, especially as I am now making good progress with this build.

Being the second time round for this particular kit, you might think that it has got a bit easier than the last time.

For sure, my extra experience gained over the past three years has payed dividends with the techniques and materials I have used on this model, but of course, as you all know, perfection is the art of the unfinished kit…or something like that…and I haveĀ  found areas of this model much more frustrating than the last.

For instance…the decals on these Mclaren’s are a bitch.

Especially around the sidepods, where even a drowning of Microsol and an incredible amount of patience has resulted in two horrible creases appearing on both side decals decals. This is of course infinitely better than my first attempt, where the lack of setting solution and some hamfists resulted in the decals rippingĀ  around the curve, but those creases are still an eye sore, so it is still a little disappointing.

right side left side

But hey, it’s all a big learning curve right?

One thing I am pretty stoked about is the cleanliness of the model and how I have managed to build this car using a more modular method.

Sure there are a few fine hairs stuck in the paint ( I swear they appear by magic) but by breaking the model down into sections, rather than just following the instruction paper, I have managed to achieve a much better end result.

I have to say that Vallejo Chrome metallic paint is also a winner. But I should have taken a bit more time on the finish of the chrome, BEFORE I added the decals…to get that shine just right.


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