B192 Finally finished.

It’s been a long time coming, in fact this model has taken me almost 9 months to finish…but it is finally, almost complete!

If I am honest, I have not enjoyed this one. I have found may aspects of it very tricky, although I have also learnt quite a bit, I have also made many mistakes.

I think I was becoming a bit bored with it, as it was taking such a long time to get anywhere, and at certain points, I was thinking that I had really cocked it up…but after all the trials and tribulations over the paint, the photo etch, the colour, the filler, the decals, the fit and the colour again, it hasn’t turned out too bad, and I’m actually pleased with the result.

Some presentation image will surely follow in the next few days. It;a decent tribute to MR Martin Brundel and his days on the grand prix circuit.


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