Another day, another website.

I thought that I would write a little something to introduce what I’m trying to do here, in a vain attempt to drum up some interest and hopefully some comment of the models I have made so far,  the models that I am going to make, and the models that I hope to add to the collection and make one day in the future!

I used to build war machines as a kid, and got pretty good at painting figures and tanks, even going so far as making dioramas of war scenes, but since i discovered modelling again after a 15 year hiatus, I am very much enjoying the subject of F1 and the perpetual progression that goes with it.

Details, super shiny finishes and race accurate details are all very appealing in the quest to build a specific kit, but in my case, and I think many others too, that quest for the perfect model is a long and windy road.

I built a few road cars, and a few F1’s and thought – it’s kind of pointless spending the time and effort and money building these things things to sit them on shelf for nobody to see. I’m not into going to shows too much, and I’m not one for competitions either, but I do like to do a good job and would like people to see what I’ve achieved, to hopefully inspire some comment and thought about what built, so I can learn more, and offer others a bit of inspiration too.

Using my modelling skill ( yes that’s singular, as I don’t consider myself to possess that many…yet ), some photography techniques I learnt taking images of snowboarders of all things, combined with what I do for a day job ( presenting things through the media of graphics) I came up with this hair-brained idea.

To build a  history of F1 cars driven by British Drivers.

I figured that having a bit of direction with my hobby will help me enjoy it a bit more, but also having and aim, will also help to enhance my hobby. You learn a bit of history, and build a greater appreciation of the sport and how it has developed over the years. This also make me want to do the project justice and enhance my modelling as much as I can.

I kind of realise that it’s going to go on for a few years, but I think this could end up being an enjoyable and fruitful journey, so here;s to the fun times ahead sitting at the desk, f-ing and blinding as the tiny parts ping onto the carpet…

Oh no…what have I done?!

Looking round the site, you are of course met with a portfolio of completed cars on the home page, each with luscious gallery and a bit of description about the original and the model itself. There’s ‘The List‘, where you’ll see the project develop in uniform table style, and there’s this blog, in which I shall be writing about my modelling exploits and showing off my projects in progress and the occasional viewpoint or observation.

Wish me luck!

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